Join our "Seniors' Affordable Green Housing Covid Recovery Plan"

Over 1,500,000 Canadian Seniors live below the poverty line (and growing daily) [1] which is made even more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic . Their biggest expense is housing. On the cusp of beating this vicious pandemic, we have an opportunity for a compassionate, wise and united Green COVID Recovery Plan that uses joined-up Political thinking to rebuild our economy while meeting the Paris Accord targets [2] and our own needs for Canadian Seniors’ affordable, long-term, Green housing. 

By supporting this bold plan, Canada’s Minister of Seniors, The Honourable Deb Shulte and Minister for Environment and Climate Change, the honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, can facilitate our Seniors’ Affordable, Green Housing as part of a Green COVID Recovery and create thousands of jobs while saving taxpayers’ money, healthcare costs and reducing our carbon footprint. Let’s embolden them with thousands of signatures from across Canada, to make sure they include Seniors’ housing needs in a Green COVID Recovery Plan and deliver our Smart Housing Plan to the Prime Minister’s Office. Please sign and share our petition with all Seniors and their supporters in your network. REMEMBER Prime Minister Trudeau : There are over 6 million Canadian Seniors and each vote counts.