Our Team

Carl Strand


Maverick Property Developer, Carl Strand, has a background in Engineering with decades of experience in design and manufacturing. While centred primarily in construction and related industries, he has also developed a number of technical projects.

Ray Jarvis

VP of Construction and design

After rising to Commissioned officer in the Canadian Forces, Ray Jarvis served as a training officer and second in command of a training school. Since then, he has developed a residential subdivision as the owner and general contractor, spent 12 years on contract with an international company developing and led multi-million dollar pharmaceutical factory automation projects.

Myrtle Gordon

Advisor - Seniors Design

Senior Consultant for the Age Stage of life, suggesting sensitive living spaces that provide for physical challenges, personal safety and affordable lifestyles. Having triumphed over brain surgery, stroke, heart by-pass surgery and living a vibrant lifestyle, Myrtle’s life experience places her in a position of authority to advise on these issues.

William D.Carley

VP Finance

Prior to joining Smart Homes HQ Inc, Bill was CFO of Strand Energy Corporation, Taurus Business Systems and owner of his own lucrative companies that he built into a Million+ in yearly sales – including TechWagon Express. Accomplished in defining vision, subsequent creation and financial management, Bill drove those companies to great success.

John Strand

VP Communications

John Strand has trained and worked in Media in both commercial and charitable capacities for 15 years. A keen facilitator, John successfully achieved results in both bottom-up and top-down organizational structures. He has an extensive background in visual and publishing presentations, retail sales, stakeholder consultation, and project management.