SolarHub 1500

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Check. It. Out.

An instant Off-Grid power system  – From ONLY $875.

The STRAND SolarHub 1500 is streamlined for aesthetics but its 1.5 kW pure sinewave inverter will power your Bunkie, RV, trailer, shed, small cottage, the unmentionable outhouse OR, it can help carry you, off-grid, in an emergency.

In summer months, let the solar unit charge the battery during the week and give you instant power over the weekend. When outfitted for your energy consumption, you can power key appliances and life for the long weekend.

No electrical lines. No fuel. No sound. Like nature intended.

During winter months, repurpose the STRAND SolarHub 1500 as your Emergency Power System and power 2 of your important home electrical circuits (like a Sump Pump, Water Pump, Heater Fan or TV) Anything you do not want to be without in the dead of winter. Simply plug the unit into mains power for automated off-peak backup charging, then wire the chosen appliances into your SolarHub’s AC sockets. In the event of a Grid-down scenario, let the attached solar panels take over charging the batteries and prolong use of your selected appliances.

This attractive mini system is only 4 inches deep by 15 inches tall and 22 inches wide with 4 keyholes on the back for easy wall-mounting on 16” studs. It provides both AC and DC power to maximize efficiency and features one AC input plug, four DC string lights and bulbs, two USB charging ports and one 12V DC Cigarette Lighter port. Pair with 12V car appliances for even greater flexibility and enjoy a few mini-luxuries with only small amounts of power. For home appliances, there are two AC power outlets integrated on the lower side. 

Now just add solar panels and batteries to match your expected consumption. 

Smart. So, so smart.