EPS3000 Your Emergency Power System

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When the grid goes down, the STRAND EPS3000 automatically converts to a silent generator and switches the power supply to a stand-by battery source so 4 of your critical home appliances stay on (ie. Sump Pump, Water Pump, Furnace Fan, Fridge, TV or WiFi). Once grid power returns, the batteries will automatically recharge. Combine 2 or more double or triple your protected circuits.

COMING SOON: For extended energy security, the EPS3000+ and EPS6000+ adds Solar to take 4 to 6 circuits permanently Off Grid to power them from the sun's rays, extend your household's emergency power supply and reduce your overall electricity bill.  

We can install the unit but this product is so easy to install, we encourage our customers to venture it with a local electrician and the aid of our online video.

Battery types and quantity must be tailored to your power requirements, budget and the length of the expected power outage you wish to cover. For this reason, batteries are sold separately. Go to our Energy Calculator to figure out how much power you use.

We offer a two year warranty on your system with a simple product replacement.

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