Smart Homes HQ Inc is Focussed On Hybrid Accommodation To Extend Seniors’ Independence.

The concept is to utilize existing solar technology and the low cost Smart Homes Design and Products for the millions of Seniors heading into retirement. 

Our system for modular building, finance and marketing implementation is designed to allow for extremely fast growth across all of North America and gives control to Smart Homes HQ Inc through these proprietary systems and products.

Renewable Energy + Energy Efficiency + Water Management = Sustainable Living

Smart Homes Tiny Towns© are designed to give maximum comfort to their Residents and will include heating, air-conditioning, electricity and Electric Vehicles with all of their electricity coming from rooftop solar panels. Overall maintenance costs will be reduced by at least 35%

Governments admit they do not know what to do about the tidal wave of Seniors coming our way.

Smart Homes HQ has a solution for this problem and it will not depend on Government subsidies but will be based upon SMART THINKING and SMART PLANNING as we cleverly combine existing and new products and processes into our Tiny Towns© Concept.