Carl Strand, President

Maverick Property Developer, Carl Strand, has a background in Engineering with decades of experience in design and manufacturing. While centred primarily in construction and related industries, he has also developed a number of technical projects.

As owner of various companies, including some with 100+ employees, he has designed and developed numerous large scale building projects, including  FIT and MicroFIT solar installations. As a child, he lived within his Mother's Senior Care Facility. As a Baby-Boomer and Founder of Smart Homes HQ Inc., he comes full-circle to utilize his expertise to care for Seniors' wellbeing, once again. 

Wally Saikali, B.Sc. Eng. MBA - Federal Housing Policy

After completing his B.Sc. in Engineering in 1995 and an MBA in finance and operations in 2003, Wally Saikali became an R&D Engineer in telecom, designing the RF transmitter for what is known, today, as XM Radio.

In 2007,  his career path then took him to the Operation’s Division of Bell Canada where he earned his 6 SIGMA Black Belt and won three Bravo/Eureka Gold Awards: EVI Improvement, Top 60 Reporting and How to Measure Data Service Provisioning. These achievements positioned Mr. Saikali to lead Operational Governance for Bell Canada on the whole. Wally utilized technology, process improvement, 6 SIGMA methodologies and strategic thinking to increase profitability, while reducing cost.

In 2009, he became Director of Operations at GARDA, for Pearson Airport (YYZ) and was promoted to Regional Director. One of his first mandates was to redesign the operation and build a relationship with their client, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (“CATSA”) while opening a line of communication with their employees. Wally built a strategic plan for the airport and implemented a 6 SIGMA process improvement project which allowed GARDA to win the RFP from CATSA for the Ontario Central Region. In this post, Wally managed 55 managers and 1700 employee, and over $93 million in annual revenues. He regularly collaborated with his global counterparts and government officials – ranging from Presidents and Prime Ministers to cabinet ministers – developing expertise in international diplomacy.

In 2014, Wally joined East Penn Canada as a Director of Industrial Field Service and led a team of dedicated technicians as well as customer service representatives, nationally. He managed their performance, which led to a 300% revenue improvement month over month.

Mr. Saikali is proud to be an active member of the Canadian Cancer Society and has had several designations including the President volunteer role of the Scarborough, Ontario division. He is also a strong activist in the Ontario Smoke free Campaign. Wally will lobby Federal and Provincial Government to modernize Public Housing Policy for the affordability of Seniors and Millennials sustainable housing. 

Ray Jarvis - VP of Construction & Design

After rising to Commissioned officer in the Canadian Forces, Ray Jarvis served as a training officer and second in command of a training school. Since then, he has developed a residential subdivision as the owner and general contractor, spent 12 years on contract with an international company developing and
led multi-million dollar pharmaceutical factory automation projects.
Over his career, Ray started numerous successful companies and is now the President of SolarDirectCanada, a leading installer of solar renewable projects in Ontario. Ray will integrate his specialist knowledge installing the solar hardware for all Smart Homes HQ sustainable Tiny Towns©.

William D. Carley, VP Finance

Prior to joining Smart Homes HQ Inc, Bill was CFO of Strand Energy Corporation, Taurus Business Systems and owner of his own lucrative companies that he built into a Million+ in yearly sales – including TechWagon Express. Accomplished in defining vision, subsequent creation and financial management, Bill drove those companies to great success.

As our VP Finance, Bill will be guiding Smart Homes HQ toward its profit target and provides a cost-based approach for management control and decision making. He executes the management plan with timely reports and chairs monthly review meetings, constantly seeking planned improvements in all revenue streams.

John Strand - VP Communications

John Strand has trained and worked in Media in both commercial and charitable capacities for 15 years. A keen facilitator, John successfully achieved results in both bottom-up and top-down organizational structures. He has an extensive background in visual and publishing presentations, retail sales, stakeholder consultation, and project management.

John oversees all aspects of our interaction with media, industry, and the general public.