The Opportunity Of A Lifetime

At Smart Homes HQ, almost anyone can become a real estate investor. It starts with a Contribution as low as $50.00 to our Crowdfunding Campaign to launch Smart Homes HQ into the Public Market.  Smart Homes Rewards your Contribution with 4 tiers of PERKS - BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM. These PERKS offer the opportunity to buy future Shares in the company, at a penny each, when we go Public. The greater your contribution, the greater volume of future Shares you can purchase at a penny each. We expect to launch within 3 months of raising the necessary funds as the SMART HOMES TEAM have already written several Drafts of our Initial Public Offering Memorandum. Part of the Contribution funds will pay a specialist Securities Lawyer to quickly finalize this document.


Once we have raised the funds to go Public, and launch the company, you are issued with a set amount of Shares based on the size of the Contribution you made (see PERKS for share-buying details). These Shares are automatically mailed to you, along with our invoice for 1 cent ($0.01) for each share issued, at the point of IPO.


Is It Worth It?

Our research shows that we are entering a $15 Trillion Dollar Senior’s market that will be fueled by over 4,000,000 new Seniors in North America per year, over the next 30 years as a wave of Baby Boomers hit retirement age. This is bigger than anything you have seen before. Because, if there is one investment rule you should’ve considered over the last few years… and made an absolute fortune doing so… it would be: 

How To Make Money From The Global Aging Megatrend

Using historical data that shows accommodation price increases over 20 years, these housing units will be worth over 300% above their current purchase price – so a $350,000 unit could sell at approximately $1,050,000.00,  subject to market conditions of the day. For an idea of the potential price increase in these Shares, please Google current REIT share values.

We understand that not everyone has great sums to invest in Real Estate. That's why  Contributing, now,  to our campaign to take Smart Homes HQ Inc Public,  is an affordable way to leverage a small amount of money into a Real Estate investment that can earn great profits from as little as $50.00,  This will be a great GIFT to your partner, your children or grandchildren.



Smart Homes HQ offers a guaranteed buy-back provision on your Option should circumstances require you to cash out of your investment.  Alternatively, you can sell it, at any time, on your own, subject to the rules and terms of your Purchase Option.