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Access a new way of investing in real estate to earn big profits

Smart property developer, Carl Strand, shows small investors a legal trick to earning big profits, from real estate, with little effort or resources. As President of Smart Homes HQ Inc., he has created Affordable, Sustainable eCO-Housing Tiny Towns© at $695 CAD/ month, inclusive. Your contribution will help take Smart Homes HQ Inc. PUBLIC so we can access the resources and economies of scale to bring rental costs right down for our Senior and Millennial housing.

AIM: We need to raise $25,000 CAD to start the process of taking Smart Homes HQ Inc Public. This will allow our shares to be purchased and sold on the open Public market. HOWEVER, we do not ask for your CONTRIBUTION without giving EXCELLENT PERKS!!! Depending on the size of your contribution, you are given the Option to buy valuable Shares in Smart Homes HQ Inc. for a penny each, when we go Public. Regardless of your net worth, you can now benefit from real estate’s unique potential for generating consistent cash flow and long-term appreciation. This is a level of real estate investing that was previously reserved for only the wealthiest investors and institutions. Contribution Tiers start at only $50 and go up to a maximum of $5,000 - and nothing says you can't combine contributions with friends and family to get the GREATEST PERKS available.

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PURPOSE OF GOING PUBLIC:  This will allow Smart Homes HQ Inc to raise low-interest money for financing the construction of many affordable, solar-powered rental apartments, for Seniors and Millennials, we call Tiny Towns©


REALIZING THE VISION:  Once the company is approved for trading on the open market, Donators’ shares will be issued and we will be contacting many thousands of Investors to finance our socially responsible, green energy. housing program.


WHY WE HAVE MADE AFFORDABLE, SOLAR HOUSING FOR SENIORS AND MILLENNIALS OUR BUSINESS:  It seems there is too much red tape or lack of will in Federal Governments to adopt ecology-led policies at the speed required to avoid an environmental tipping point created by a Global temperature rise of 2 degrees. Many of us have come to the conclusion that we must enact our own bold initiatives to lower C02 - Tiny Towns© is mine – and with your contribution, I know we can take it to the next level!


PLEASE CHECK THESE LINKS FOR MORE INFORMATION:  -  Message from the President, Carl Strand   - President's Property Development Experience  - President's Renewable Energy Experience  - Skills / Experience / Leadership Applied to Smart Homes HQ


See What Investors are Saying About Smart Homes

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  • Generation

    Utility expenses are ever-increasing—coincidentally, as more options to transition off the grid become more plentiful and affordable. The time to think and do differently couldn’t be better. Today, our Homeowners can take control of their energy production as well as security,  while saving as an added benefit.

  • Conservation

    A broad spectrum of options exists to conserve energy. Whatever the focus, Smart Homes housing has the tools to conserve energy and save money for Tenants and Residents.

    Smart Homes include conservation products and planning in our housing, including: Interior and exterior LED Lighting, water reduction, reuse and recycling;  high R-45 insulation; 

  • Security

    Since 2000 began, Ontario has experienced power outages affecting hundreds of thousands from extreme weather patterns and grid overload. As the climate fluctuates, increasing the likelihood of extreme conditions, our reliance on the grid also increases. Now, Ontarians have a quantity of real tools for protection: small and large-scale home and office energy products that keep your power on when grid power goes off.

  • Storage

    Almost all of our products generate solar (sun) energy to charge a home battery bank, making the combination of the two renewable and largely sustainable.

    Energy storage is the community’s next frontier. Solutions that will help us generate energy and store it are in development and the race is on.

    For more on our solar energy battery storage, take a look through most of our products. Or get acquainted with batteries, and how they work to create a smart grid for our housing stock.


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