The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in the History of the World Is Happening NOW!

And this could be the best chance you’ll ever have to make millions from the wave of retiring Baby Boomers sweeping Canada and the United States.

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Our research shows that we are entering a $15 Trillion Dollar Senior’s market that will be fueled by over 4,000,000 new Seniors in North America per year, over the next 30 years as a wave of Baby Boomers hit retirement age! This is bigger than anything you have seen before. Because, if there is one investment rule you should’ve considered over the last few years… and made an absolute fortune doing so… it would be: 

How To Make Money From The Global Aging Megatrend

One of the best ways to capitalize on the global demographic shift is by finding out excess investment returns in longer-term structural trends.  You can set your watch to them. And aging is one of them.

For proof that global aging is a certifiable trend with investment opportunities, consider these noteworthy statistics:

  • Life expectancies have risen from a global average of 49 in 1955 to 72 today
  • By 2040, the global population of those 65+ will reach 1.3 billion, double what it is today
  • The over-80 age group is expected to more than triple in absolute size over the next 35 years, rising from 1.7 percent of the population to 4.5 percent by 2050
  • In developed countries, those 65-and-over now outnumber those under the age of 15 for the first time
  • By the end of this decade, the spending power of consumers aged 60 and older will hit $15 trillion globally, up from $8 trillion in 2010
  • U.S. consumers over 55 spend twice as much as Millennials

Smart Homes HQ Inc is Focussed On Hybrid Accommodation To Extend Seniors’ Independence.

The plan is to utilize existing solar technology and the low cost Smart Homes Design and Products for the millions of Seniors heading into retirement. 

Our system for modular building, finance and marketing implementation is designed to allow for extremely fast growth across all of North America and gives control to Smart Homes HQ Inc through these proprietary systems and products.

Renewable Energy + Energy Efficiency + Water Management = Sustainable Living

These Smart Homes are designed to give maximum comfort to their Residents and will include heating, air-conditioning, electricity and Electric Vehicles with all of their electricity coming from rooftop solar panels. There will be NO MORE ELECTRIC OR HEATING BILLS!

Governments admit they do not know what to do about the tidal wave of Seniors coming our way.


Smart Homes HQ has a solution for this problem and it will not depend on Government subsidies but will be based upon SMART THINKING and SMART PLANNING as we cleverly combine existing and new products and processes into our Tiny Towns© Concept.

Here's why Smart Homes HQ Inc. Will Tap Into Billions From the Tidal Wave of Seniors:

Smart Homes HQ Inc., has carefully devised a system for Seniors’ accommodations  that cuts living costs by up to 35%, allowing our Residents to avoid future increases to electricity, heating and air-conditioning.


The system incorporates materials and processes and financial instruments in unique and proprietary ways along with the company structure to give security and protection to the investor.


We require only $250,000.00 to take our company Public but, once the company reaches Public status, our first Tranche of FUNDS RAISED will be $20,000,000.00 as Start Up Seed Capital that will be by way of Preferred Shares giving this first group of Investors (including Contributors who take up their 1-cent shares) the financial protection afforded by the Preferred Shareholders having first claim against the company’s assets.


The value of the Stock, both Preferred and Common, should soar due to our fast but careful growth that will be put in place by the seed capital we raise.


We believe that our share price will go up many times within a period of 10 Years or less.


You should Act right away to get in on this fantastic opportunity.


We believe our SMART HOMES SYSTEM and PRODUCTS  will be in demand throughout the WORLD and will ensure this small company is a multi-billion dollar business in 20 years.

Every Dollar You Invest Now Could  Be Worth Over $200 Dollars In 10 Years Or Less.

It would be enough to transform a $5,000 Investment into $1,000,000.00 in 10 years.

More money than the average Canadian makes in 25 years. Imagine making a single investment that could let you retire within a few years and live comfortably for the next 25 years without ever doing anything else. Or, perhaps you want to place shares in the name of your children or grandchildren for an education or housing fund?

What kind of difference would that security make in your life? To know that, no matter what happened tomorrow, you had enough money to maintain your lifestyle for decades?

But we are not talking about Luxury Markets – Housing is a fundamental need for all humans and will never go out of style – and we expect to have over One Billion Dollars in construction underway within 3 years with profits of 25% and more.

The SMART Time To Contribute Is NOW.   

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Carl Strand
Smart Homes HQ Inc.

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